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MBL Catalyst
Fall 2009, Volume 4, Number 2
“Why Biodiversity Matters”

MBL Plays Key Role in National Initiative To Develop a Scientific Basis for Stewardship of our Oceans and Coasts

Climate Scientists Uncover Major Accounting Flaw in Kyoto Protocol and Other Climate Legislation

New Study Predicts Future Consequences of a Global Biofuels Program

From the Front Lines of Climate Change: MBL Logan Science Journalism Fellows Blog from Antarctica

New Comprehensive Climate Report Provides Authoritative Assessment of Climate Change Impacts on the United States

A Bridge Between Land and Sea
In the tropics, Woods Hole Consortium scientists study the impact of deforestation on coastal waters

From Phytoplankton to Penguins: Climate Change is Altering Food Web from Bottom Up in Western Antarctica

Thinking it Through: Scientists Call For Policy to Guide Biofuels Industry Toward Sustainable Practices

New Ecosystem is Forming as Western Antarctica Rapidly Warms, MBL Scientist Reports
Loss of Sea Ice is Changing the Food Web

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